'This is a short story I am publishing to keep everyone busy reading while I finish The Murderer.'

Gumball the cat was bored out of his mind.

Ugh!!! Is there ANYTHING on TV tonight? Gumball thought.

He pressed The UP button on the controller as hard as he could. The channel he stopped on was the horse racing channel. Gumball had an idea.

Gumball slipped into his parents bedroom, careful not to step on the sqeeky floor board. All of a sudden the soundtrack of Mission Impossible started playing. Gumball heard The bed move and hé slipped into the nearby closet.

"Golden Eye wasn't a mistake, it was a misstep." Richard gurrgled in his sleep, obviously mistaking MI with the James Bond movies.

Gumball carefully crawled next to a jewelery box Nicole kept next to the bed. He opened it and found Richard's credit card (Nicole didn't trust it with him). Hé grabbed it and slipped out of the room, the Mission Impossible music ending just as he left.

-At the race track-

Gumball walked-up to a very cautious Larry Needlemeyer.

"Hi Larry. Can I -"

"Your not à robber are you? I'm armed with a spoon, so don't try ANYTHING!" Larry yelled.

"Uh . . . I'm just here to place a bet on this horse race." Gumball explained, a little uncomfortable.

Something inside told him he shouldn't do this.

"Oh. Wait, aren't you a little young to be betting on a horse race?" Larry asked.


"Oh, then how mucho you wanna bet?" Larry asked.

The next morning Gumball returned.

"Mom, I sorta lost our life savings on a bet at a horse race." Gumball said.

"YOU WHAT?!" Nicole shouted.


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