When Mabel reads the new Prune Prooving-It book, everyone wants to read it.


Mabel: Ugh, I've been doing chores and still NOTHING for the new Prune Prroving-It book coming out soon! I even cleaned up the whole house, gave everyone in the family a bath, vaccumed the attic, MOPPED the attic, and now everything's good as new! AND NOTHING'S IN MY ALLOWANCE EXCEPT A MABEL CENT? I DON'T NEED THIS. Wait a minute...

Flashback begins

Nicole: Good job on getting the groceries! Here's a Mabel cent!

Mabel: Huh? MY ideas work out when mine NEVER work out?

Anais: Yep, your way's the worst.

Mabel: GRRR...

Anais: Oooh! Is this a Mabel cent?

Mabel: Yeah, it's a Mabel cent. What's so good?

Anais: It's worth a trillion dollars. It's world famous. Plus, it could earn you everything you want, especially Slushy Magic!

Flashback ends

Mabel: I DO need this! No wonder this thing is world-famous.

Scene cuts to the store on the day the Prune Prooving-It book is out

Mabel: I'd like this book, please.

Larry: That will be $5.99.

Mabel: What are Mabel cents for?

Larry: OK.

Mabel: WOO HOO!

Back at home

Gumball: Dude... Back at the Barnyard is AWESOME!

Darwin: NO IT'S NOT!

Nicole: Oh, Mabel, how long must it take you just to buy a book?!

Mabel: Hello!

All except Mabel: AAHH!

The end... or is it?

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