What happend last time?

Mabel pondered to why he wasn't given anything and forgot Mabel Cents weren't normal. Then, she went to the store to buy the book. Meanwhile, Nicole is pondered to why it must take so long for her to buy a book. Then, she lurks in the shadows and shouts out "Hello!". Then, everybody is afraid.


Mabel: Sorry to scare you guys, but I defenetly changed my mind about the book and waned to wait a little longer to buy it. But, um... my bike got a flat tire and I had to walk. I put my bike outside.

Mabel rushes outside and destroys one of the tires to his bike, removes the training wheels, and rips the seat off, then goes back inside and rushes upstairs

Mabel: Time to read this new Prune Prooving-It book!

In the story


Ever wonder what happens when you take an Anti-Minecraft rage? Well, this is what happens. There was a girl named Prune Prooving-It, mostly referred to as Prunella or Prudence, and she was tutored to like the worst games ever and hate the best ones. Her tutor was basically teaching her to be evil. But then, the tutor saw a flyer that said:

The Everyone Place - Opening Tomorrow at 35:89 PM!

Mabel places a bookmark and he stops reading it for the day

Mabel: Man, those things are long! They're always like, 80 chapters long!

Fireball: Is that a Prune Prooving-It book you just put down?

Mabel: AHHH! *weakly* Yeah... *ylkaew*

Fireball: Everyone loves those! The first one is worth a million dollars. THOSE WERE EVIL TIMES!

Mabel: I know, right? We had to be rich just to read an extremely good book! But these days, they only cost 5 dollars - and they're even better? SWEET!

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