Gumball and Darwin Watch a show called my little pony freindship is magic and get hooked on to it.

How i came up with the idea

well one day i came into the frontroom and saw my little sister watching my little pony, of course i was thinking that it was a really bad show and i didnt even want to look at it, but i had nothing else to do and i was tired to i just layed my head on the sofa.

As the show went on for some reason i got kinda atached to it and i wanted to see more, so i went to my room on the computer and watched online.

As i was watching another episode my brother came in and he was super confused, i mean wouldent you be confused if you saw youre brother watching my little pony? he asked me why i was watching my little pony and i said its really good... and the next thing he to me was i was gay i told him to sit with me and watch it and a few minutes later he said he really liked it... and then i B**** slaped him :D


Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Anais Watterson

Rodrick (the dog from the switch)

Minor Characters

Its a secret :3


(shows the Watterson

(shows gumball goin downstairs)

Gumball:watcha watchin sis (yawn)

Anais:My Little Pony.

Gumball:my little wha-?

Anais:my little pony!

Gumball:wuts my little pony?

Anais:its a show about freindship and 6 ponys

Gumball:really who are they?

(gumball sits on coach)

Anais:one is called twilight, she is the student of princess celestia she knows magic

Gumball: ohhhhhh (stars in his eyes)

Anais:another is rarity a pony who loves fashion

Gumball:ahhhhh (still has stars in his eyes)

Anais:(points at screen) her name is AppleJack she is a harvester also she likes apples, pinky pie is a random pony, fluttershy is a pony who is shy but she loves animals, rainbow dash is a pony who is a show off and who loves to fly.

Gumball:wow all this characters are really interesting?.

Anais:funny thing is lots of guys like this show aswell.


Anais:yep just give the show a watch.





Gumball:that was great!

Anais:told you alot of guys like it.

Gumball:i can see why.

Gumball:are there anymore episodes?


Gumball:oh well...



Anais:i do have a dvd of it.

Gumball:cool where did you find it?


Gumball:there still in buisness?


Gumball:dosent matter

Darwin:what are you guys watchin?

Gumball:my little pony.

Darwin:My little pony that show makes me so gay!

Gumball:what does gay mean again?

Darwin:happy in old english

Gumball:yep this is a pretty gay show indeed.


Gumball:Rodrick you wanna watch aswell.

Rodrick:Yap! (pant pant)

Gumball:come on boy

Darwin:i thoght he didnt like you?

Gumball:we have one thing in common

Darwin:whats that?

Gumball:we both hate boy bands

Anais puts in the dvd

A ring pops up


(the ring is still there)

(the phones rings)

Gumball:? hmm i wonder who that could be

Gumball picks it up


???:The Ponys called they want you back!


(Gumball gets sucked in)


(phone rings again)

Darwin picks it up


Darwin gets sucked in

Anais:what the.

picks rodrick up

Anais:Hello? who is this?

???:The Ponys called the-

Anais:wait a minute are you a prankster

???:err no

Anais:then who are you?


(Puts phone down)

Mordecai:You think they bought it?



(Darwin drops with Gumball)

Gumball:hey dude hows it goin

Darwin:nuthin much

Gumball:hey did you know they were gonna put a minecraft on the xbox



Darwin:huh well i look forward to dat.

(portall opens)


Twilight:look spike im sure you will get a date with rarity

Spike:i hope.

(shows Dash goin to Twilight)

R.D:Hey Twilight!

Portal opens up

R.B:What the?


(Both fall on Rainow Dash)

cuts to black

Rainbow Dash:what the-

Darwin:Oh Father! Gumball we ran a pony over i dont want to go to jail!

Gumball:dont worry we will hide the evidence...

Rainbow Dash:who the heck are you guys?



Twilight:whats goin on here?

Spike:Whats all the comotion?

Darwin:OH MY FATHER...

(Closes up on spike)

Darwin:a Dragon!

Gumball:and such a cute one at that.

Spike;hey im not cute!

Gumball:err okay then youre ugly.

Spike:im not ugly ethier!




Twilight:who are you?

Gumball:im Gumball and this is Darwin.


Twilight:im Twilight Sparkle,this is Spike and this i-

Rain Dash:Hey whats the big idea with you fallin on me!?

Gumball:oh oh Darwin i think its that time of season.

Darwin:you mean...


Rainbow Dash:What time of season?

Gumball:her peri-


Rainbow Dash:HOW DARE YOU!

Twilight:Rainbow Dash stop they didint mean it!

Spike:they might be foreigners

Gumball:actulay we are.


Gumball:you see me and my fishy freind here came from another world

Twilight:what world would that be?

Gumball:the world of cartoon network.

Twilight:this is the world of Boomerang.

Gumball:ahh i see ive heard of this world.

Twilight:would you like to stay at mine?

Gumball:thank you

(all of them walk up hill)

Twilight:dont worry im sure youll just get along fine here

End of Part Wun

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