Hot Dog comes to visit.


(At Home.)

Sullvan: Are you guys sure can greet him like I wan't you to?

Gumball,Darwin, and the orphans: Yes!

(A doorbell is heared.)

Sullvan: That's him! (Opens door.)

(Shows a Periwinkle dog that looks like Sullvan but with a blond rim around his eye and some 3 dark blue dots on his tummy looking stupid.)

Sullvan: Hey,buddy!

??????: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................hi..:-P

Sullvan: Man,buddy! I haven't seen you ever since the war between Elmore and Delmore!

Gumball: Nice to meet you!

Darwin: I'll fix the door sign!

Sullvan: (Wispering.) Don't become too nice like them. Then you'll become a zombie.

??????: Duuurrrrr okay...

Sullvan: Yeah..come in!

(At Gumball and Darwin's room.)

Sullvan: Alright, guys. So me and Hot Dog-

Darwin: Wait. Hot Dog?!

Sullvan: Ugh....Yes...that is his real name.......

Darwin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Sullvan: Shut up before it kick you all the way to the state with the same name as yours.

Darwin: :-|

Sullvan: As I was and Hot Dog haven't seen each other for seven years. So don't tell him what to do. He's shy

Gumball: No problem! Hi! I'm Gumball! This is Darwin,Nutmeg,Daisy,Voilet,Topaz,Cinniman,and Dimond!

Hot Dog: Who's Gumblllaaa?? Why do you have a stiched part on your leg and cheak?

Gumball: It was from crazy girl named Emily.

Hot Dog: Where is she?

Gumball: At jail for 12 years!

Hot Dog: (Sleeping.)

Gumball: :-\

Sullvan: Ahh! Just like in the 90's!

(Nicole comes in.)

Nicole Hey Hot Dog! How's your visit?

Hot Dog: (Wakes up.) Huh? What? Oh. Yeah. Asesino:matare to hot dog.JAJAJA

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