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GumbalFan2 (now currently GumballFan23)


Gumball and his friends attempt to stop the destruction of The Abandoned Museum of Elmore.

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The War

After visiting a geat museum, Gumball, Penny, Darwin, and Anais have plans to keep the museum fom being destoyed by construction workers.


The Building begins with everyone walking away from school. Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Penny walk toward the "Abandoned Museum of Elmore." Gumball wonders what's inside, but Anais tries to convince him that it's dangerous in there. Gumball goes in anyway, with Penny fooliwing. As they step inside they see a small dinosaur and the end of the dirty and collapsed exhibit. It turns out to be a fosll. The plauqe reads "Tina Rex's Great-Grandfather, founded by an archeologist on December 2nd, 1913." Gumball and Penny gasp in amazement and explore the rest of the fascinating building. Meanwhile, Anais and Darwin wait for them outside. Darwin takes out his left over fish flakes and decides to eat the rest of them. Anais sighs in boredom and gets fed up, so she and Darwin go inside to look for Gumball and Penny, who the find holding hands at the Egyptian Exhibit. Anais tells Gumball that it's time to go, while Darwin looks out the window and sees a horrifying sight: construction workers taking down the museum! "They're taking down the museum!" he screams! Gumball, Penny, and Anais rush to the window, and also see the construction workers. "We have to stop him!" They rush outside and encounter the 3D Cube Employee, who asks what was their buisiness here. "We have come to stop the destruction of this establishment." The employee ignores him and calls for explosives. Gumball confronts him again only to be push aside. Gumball won't allow the building to fall, and goes home with Darwin and Anais to plan a stradigy. At home, Gumball ignores Nicole's questions and beginns a stradigy to water balloon the building. "THIS IS WAR!", he announces as the episode ends on a cliff-hanger.


  • This episode marks the first appearances of the Abandoned Museum of Elmore.
  • This episode is the first multiple-part episode of the Gumbapedia Fanon wikia.