The CPU (Part 1)
Length  ?? Parts
Creator MissingNo.
Summary Gumball's computer begins to act strangely.
Previous Part N/A
Next Part The CPU (Part 2)
Date of Creation August 31, 2012


August 31, at the Watterson household

Gumball: Dang it!

Darwin: What's wrong, Gumball?

Gumball: It's this old computer. I'm trying to play Blockcraft, but the computer freezes 10 seconds into the game!

Darwin: It also takes a long to refresh pages and freezes up often.

Gumball thinks for a second.

Gumball: Darwin, it looks like this computer has had a good run. We should probably sell it now.

Darwin: Sell our old computer?! But why? We've had this computer for three years!

Gumball: I know, but we need to get a new one. I'll ask Mom about it tomorrow.

Gumball shuts down the computer.

September 1, at Elmore Junior High

Gumball walks into the school as the students panic. Martha walks (or better said, runs) over to him.

Gumball: Hey, Martha... What's wrong? You look... weird.

Martha: (hysterically) AAAGH! It's this crazy black-out that was last night. It affected all da' city. Don't ya' know?

Gumball: Um, there was no black-out or power outage at my house.

Martha: (squinting eyes) Hm mm. But if there's one... Tell me! (walks backyards in a slow motion)

Cobby: (offscreen) She started acting like that since yesterday afternoon.

Gumball: Cobby? Weren't you affect too?

Cobby: (a bit mockly) Nah, I'm an old school guy. (then serious) She was able to kill someone... Especially me. But why are we the only one who were not affected?

Gumball: I dunno.

Cobby: Well, nowadays teenagers are addicted to tehnology. See ya'.

Cobby leaves and walks into a classroom. The other classmates do so as well. I

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