As Bobu and Karly started to leave, Tobias holds onto Karly's arm. "Wait! What about the trial?" He yells. Bobu just shakes his head disaprovingly. "Silly...We dont have trials here. We choose what we think is right." Bobu says. Darwin shakes his head at Bobu. "I doubt Karly even KNOWS my family, let alone kill them." That's when it hit Darwin. How did Karly know the murder, when it wasn't even aired on TV? Was it his expression when he first met Karly? Darwin stares at Karly, her eyes wide with fear. Bobu, who was getting impatient, sighed deeply. "If you want, I'll give her ONE chance." Bobu says to them, letting go of Karly's arm. Bobu throws a small key. "Trial starts tommarow. Wake up early." He says to them, turning around. "WAIT! Where is this key used?" Tobias asks. Bobu stops and chuckles. "Find it yourselfs." he says to Tobias and walks away.

After what Darwin thought was miles, they found their destination. "...Hotel...Honta?" Karly says Tobias. "I know, odd." Tobias answers back. Darwin opens the door, and a huge wind of gust blows on the 3. After the gust, the trio walked inside, only to be greeted by a old woman who faintly resmbled Ms.Tira, the old women who used to live in the house behind him. "What can I do for you...?" The lady says in a quiet voice. Darwin could hear echos of her voice all around him. "Ummm...we have a key for the room." Darwin says slowly while he fumbles around to find the key. A few moments later, they were in a small room, fit for atleast 4 people. "Extra space, nice." Tobias says. They slept early, getting ready for the big day ahead of them.

Today was the day. Today was the day. Those 4 words repeated over and over in Darwins head. Karly looked tense and Tobias started sweating bullets. The three of them were standing on one side while Bobu and a slender looking man took the other side. "Bobu is prosacutor?!" Tobias said to Darwin with panic. "We're doomed." Darwin looks down on the floor. His head jerks back up. "You sure?" He says with hope. He wanted to win. He NEEDED to win. The judge, who was a small Dog, sat down on a chair. "Is the...umm...COURT!...Urhmm....Ready to begin?" He says to Darwin and Bobu. Darwin and Bobu nodded their heads.

This is it, The true battle was beginning.

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