Continutation of The Case (Part 3).


-Everyone goes to the lunch room inside the court building. They file into the lunch line and sit in seperate tables.-


-Suddenly the doors open, and Emily Cartridge, along with her lawyers, barge into the room.-

Stace: Look who decided to show her face again.

Emily: -growl-

-Everyone stares at Emily as she sits down at a tabe far away from the Wattersons and Stace-

Anais: And to think I actually knew her.

Darwin: 3 words: She will pay.

-After 30 minutes of silence, a 12-yead-old news reporter barges in, followed by a police officer-

Officer: Everyone, this is Dan Livingstone, son of the Elmore newspaper editor. He will remain with us for the rest of the case to quell the publicity surrounding this court battle.

-Dan takes-out a notepad and begins writing-

Nicole: Officer, he's only 12 yeads old. Are you sure this can't be reported by an actual news reporter?

Officer: He's the only one we cold find trustworthy.

-A bell rings-

Officer: Lunch break is over!

-Everyone files-out of the lunch room and into the court-room. As everyone takes their seats, Dan remains besides one of the police officers, ready to take reporting notes.-

Dan: -thinking- Wow, I can't wait! In two hours I'll be the youngest reporter in Elmore! A dream come true!

Judge: -slams hammer- ORDER! ORDER! Let us continue the case Wattersons vs. Cartridge. Now, where were we?

Officer: Um, your honor, the defense were taking the stand.

Judge: Oh, right. May the defense please stand?

-Emily and her lawyer stand-

Judge: Now, what else do you wish to bring-up against the evidence pitted against you?

Emily: I wish to bring-up that Stace Stuffings is a complete fraund who knows nothing about handling a court battle.

Stace: OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! I do to know how to handle situation like this! I've stopped you before and I can stop you again!

Emily: Why don't you just go -

Judge: ENOUGH! The defendants must sit.

-Emily, against her will, sits down, mumbling under her breath-

Dan: -thinking- Wow. This is something I never want to see again.

Judge: Now, may the jury stand-up?

-Twelve people from the jury stand-up. One of the people in the jury is Emily's Mom.-

Judge: You may enter the jury room and come-up with a desicion. With the evidence pointed against Emily Cartridge, you, the jury, must decide whether Emily Cartridge is guilty or innocent of the crime of kidnapping Gumball Watterson and Penny Peanut and the attempted murder of Principal Nigel Brown. Now, -slams hammer-, begin.

-The jury file into a seperate room as Emily's Mom give Emily one last look before leaving.-


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