The Finale of The Case saga!


-Everyone looks at the sucleded rooom in suspense. The Wattersons look as if they're about to pass out. Suddenly, the door to the room opens. The jury walks into their seats, and Emily's Mom stand-up.-

Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?

Emily's Mom: Yes, we have. -picks-up card- The jury concludes that Emily Cartridge is -sniff- guilty of kidnapping and attemped murder, your honor.

-Emily looks at her mom in horror-

Judge: As the jury decided, Emily Cartridge, you are guilty of attempted murder and kidnapping, and are hereby sentenced to 12 years in prison.

-The two officers take Emily to jail as she gives her mom one last, angry look.-

Darwin: And there goes the criminal of the century.

-The doors to the court open, and everyone leaves, leavng the judge, the Wattersons, Stace, and Dan alone.-

Stace: Well, now what?

Nicole: We just wait for things to get better.


-Two months later, at the local hospital, the Wattersons and Stace find Gumball and Penny awake from heir coma, and they share a rejoiceful reunion.-

Gumball: So - is it all over.

Stace: I hope it is.

-Suddenly the door opens, and Dan Livingstone walks in with a copy of the day's paper.-

Dan: Hello, everyone. Today thing ended for the best. -he hands them the copy of todays paper-

Nicole: -reads the paper aloud- Two months ago convicted criminal Emily Cartridge was taken to court and after two intense hours of legal fights - Cartridge was sent to prison where she will remain for 12 years. - by Dan Livingstone

Stace: That made the front page?

Dan: Yes, I am now the youngest reporter in Elmore. I owe you guys one.

Stace: Owe us? Didn't the police officers give you the chance to report the case?

Dan: Of course not! The officers would've never let me in if my mom Suzie had't been in the jury during the case.

Nicole: I knew I saw someone fimiliar there. Suzie and I work at the factory!

Dan: Exactly. So, technically, I owe you guys one. See ya! -Dan exits the room-


-Three months later, Gumball recovers from his injuries - and so does Penny. It is also revealed that Emily had her sentence raised from 12 years to 24 years in prison. The end.-

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