The Class is about some classes where Gumball has to play against Dawin.

The Class


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One day, Gumball and Darwin were secretly up late doing something on the computer. After they got sucked into Minecraft, here's all they could type:

MINECRAFT IS THE BEST GAME EVER (48329mine 234254best34 493836)


Gym Class

One day in P.E, the teacher was sick, so they had a different person come in: Monty. He figured Gumball and Darwin did too much TOGETHER, so he said:

"Hello, class! Today, we'll be playing a game called Cats and Fish. Here's how we-"

Gumball: That sounds like a game cats and fish play TOGETHER!

Monty: No, Gumball. This game is to get dumb cats to get used to doing less with them.

Gumball and Darwin: We don't need any seperation at all!

Monty: Guys, I will show you a table. A table for the teams.

Team 1 (RUN) Team 2 (CHASE)
Gumball Darwin
Anais Fireball
Daisy Tobias
Tyson Mabel
Banana Joe Clayton

I'm still working on it, but I thought it might help you see that you're going to be playing against Darwin.

Gumball and Darwin: What?

Monty: Darwin! Next time, don't say "what" with Gumball.

Darwin: OK!

So they played.

Monty: No, Darwin! Gumball has to survive the whole game. That's why I'll send him to the Fun.R.R!

The Class Part 2

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