Not to be confused with every other dog character.

The Dogs(originally known as clones in Season 1, and refereed to as "Rare blue Canis lupus familiaris") were minor characters in the Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki. They first appeared in The Cousins (Agentpman1.). Most of the dog characters formed into Roger, with Hot Dog controlling them.


The Dogs shared the same appearance and form. Blue dog creatures with large, circular heads, and three hair tips on the top of their heads. The dogs has stick figure like legs and tails, and had plum bodies. Their fur color changed different taints of blue as seasons went on.


The dogs were not as smart as everyone else. They constantly tried doing things they couldn't, and acted like real dogs in some occasions (chasing their own tail, attracted to red light, etc). Dogs didn't usually show any negative emotions, as Sullvan stated that most of them didn't know how to.

Work in progress.

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