The Crazy Christmas



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Everyone gets ready for Christmas.

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The Crazy Christmas, Part 2


Gumball and his friends have an amazing Christmas they will never forget.

(CAUTION: If you highly believe in Santa's existence, then it'd be best if you didn't read this.)


In Elmore, it's nearly Christmas time. And everyone is preparing for Santa's visit. That is, almost everyone. In the Watterson's house, Gumball, Darwin, and Anias were writing their wish lists to Santa. Gumball wanted Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3, Darwin wanted the Ultimate Nerf Gun, and Anais wanted the Complete Collection of Daizy the Donkey. While Darwin and Anais wrapped their lists in an envelope and took it to the post office, Gumball hand delivered his list to Nicole. Nicole asked Gumball why he wasn't sending it to the post office. Gumball then explained to Nicole that Santa isn't real. Nicole objected Gumball's statement and said that Santa is real. Nicole then took Gumball to the computer and played to him the famous editorial to Virginia O'Hanlon's letter about Santa. But Gumball still didn't believe her. He then took off for school. When he got on the bus, he noticed that Darwin and Anais weren't on the bus. When he got to school, he saw the two running to school. Apparently, they were at the post office delivering their letters. Gumball then tells them that the trip was pointless. He then tells them that Santa doesn't exist. They give Gumball a bold look, before laughing. Gumball then ignored them as he walked into school. Miss Simian's class was completly festive for Christmas. Instead of playing party games as the other classes are, Miss Simian gave everyone a test about the history of Christmas. Bobert was the only one to get an A on the test. There was then a fruitcake contest to see who can make the tastiest fruit cake. Unfortunately, Miss Simian was the only person who knew how to make fruitcake, and everyone flopped that. Everyone left class before Miss Simian made them watch a 13 hour documentary about Jesus's life. After school, the family went to get the Christmas tree. It was December 23, so a lot of the good trees were gone. They finally came upon a 6 foot tree that somewhat looked broken. Nicole recommended Richard to get an artificial tree instead. But Richard had too much passion with the outdoors to get an artificial tree. When they got home, they set up the tree in the corner of the living room. Richard then went out to get massive Christmas inflatable decorations. Nicole pleaded to him that they can't afford. But Richard will just put it on a tab, and then pay for it with Nicole's Christmas bonus. To Be Continued