The Crazy Christmas




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Part Two




Continuation of The Crazy Christmas.

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This is part 2 of "The Crazy Christmas".

Note: I am deeply sorry for the delay. I was originally going to continue, but I decided to wait until it was a little closer to the holidays.


Nicole still wasn't on board with Richard buying the decorations. But the thought of her Christmas bonus eased things away. She then went to work tomorrow happy, as it's the last day of work before Christmas. Which meant she was going to get her Christmas bonus today. She then was working harder than usual. Her fellow co-worker Suzie was surprised by this. So she went to ask Nicole why she was happy today. Nicole explained to Suzie about the Christmas bonus. Suzie gave a puzzled look to Nicole. Nicole was curious by this look, so she asked her why she was giving her that look. Suzie then told her that there isn't a Christmas bonus this year. Nicole then started laughing in disbelief. Suzie just ignored the laughter and walked away. As the day went on, she continued to bring up what Suzie said, and occasionaly laughing over it. But at the end of the day, there was an announcement on the intercom. This announcement stated that there wasn't a Christmas bonus this year. Nicole was shocked, so she rushed to her boss's office to ask him why there wasn't a Christmas bonus. Nicole's boss then told her that there was a lack of sales this year, so they couldn't afford Christmas bonuses. Nicole grew tense and drove home. She tried to convince herself it wasn't true, but she knew that it was all too real. When she stepped into the house,she saw Richard waiting in the foyer. He was eccentric to see her wife for the holidays. Nicole was able to force out a laugh. She then looked into the living, and saw her three children. Anais and Darwin were preparing for Santa's arrival, but Gumball was sitting on the couch, waiting for his family to buy him gifts. Looking at Anais's and Darwin's eccentric faces made Nicole feel sad and guilty so she rushed upstairs to her room. Nicole didn't know what to do. She then realized that the rest of the family was getting stuff for the kids. So she called up Grandma Jojo. Jojo picked up the phone while watching her soap opreas. Nicole asked her what she got for the kids. Grandma Jojo said that she got them each some DVDs. She then called up the rest of the relatives, but none of them got the things on top of each of the kids's lists. Nicole started to panic. To Be Continued

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