The Crazy Christmas




Part No.

Part Three




Continuation of The Crazy Christmas.

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The Crazy Christmas, Part 2

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None, not created yet.


This is part 3 of "The Crazy Christmas".


Nicole's panicking was heard from downstairs. Anais wondered what was wrong, so she wanted to go upstairs. Anais then went upstairs and asked Nicole what was wrong. Nicole now anxious, lied and said that everything was fine. But Anais knew better than that, and asked her again. Nicole told her the same lie and told her to go downstairs. Anais did as she was told. By the time she was downstairs, she saw Darwin trying to convince Gumball that Santa is in fact real. Gumball continued to object, and Richard joined him. But Darwin wasn't intimidated by the 2-to-1 ordeal, so he decided to take Gumball on a walk. Gumball reluctantly agreed and followed him. Darwin then took Gumball to the river. Darwin then told Gumball to look at his reflection in the river. Gumball did so. Darwin then asked him to tell him what he sees. Gumball tells Darwin he sees his reflection. Darwin wasn't happy. He then told Gumball to look in the river again and tell him what he sees. Gumball tells him that he sees himself. Darwin is starting to get aggravated. He then tells Gumball to do it again, and this time to use his imagination. Unfortunately though, imagination is something that Gumball seems to be lacking. So he tells Darwin once again that he sees himself. Darwin then walks back home. This got Gumball thinking. "What did Darwin mean by what do you see?" Gumball said to himself. Meanwhile, Nicole is still wondering what to do. She then gets an idea, she decides to first pay the tab. So she rushes to the store to pay the tab for the decorations. But now she has no money. But it suddenly came to her, she needed a second job. Today was December 23rd, so she decided to become a mall Santa. So she rushes to Elmore Mall to apply. Once she got the job. She got into a Santa suit and got ready for the kids. Her first kid was a total brat. He demanded a long list of stuff, and then ripped off Nicole's fake beard. The other kids in line cried over the hard truth, and she was fired. She then thought of another idea, but it was evil, drastic, and illegal. To Be Continued

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