The Destroy is the first episode of season 4.


Tina,Gumball,Anias,Nicole,Richard, and Tobias try to escape a burning building.

This reminds Tina about her long lost mother who didn't survive a building.




First time a student has a flashback if you don't count Nicole from, The Ape.

Tina is nicer to Gumball in this episode.

First time Darwin dosen't appear.

Tina's flashbacks are simular to Sullvan's flashbacks from, The Rememberance.

Their flashbacks are so alike. But the animation isn't. Tina's animation was in CGI. Even the characters were in CGI. While Sullvan's flashback was the same as Courage's flashback, crayon animation

First appearance of Felix Dog,Tina's mom, and CGI Sullvan.

1st time Sullvan Dog dosen't appear.

Alot of people mistaken Felix as Sullvan in a hat.

This marks that Felix is the first Clone to be seen.

Forth time someone has a flashback like in The Ape, The GI, and The Rememberance

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