The Detective, Part 1 by FanFStory

Darwin The Detective

Dawin skipped happily downstairs. Waking up from a great dream, he knew he would have a great day. Spending time with the family, going to school to meet his friends, and eating lunch! When he reached the end of the stairs, he noticed something off. No noise. No Clank or Clonk in the kitchen. No footsteps. Darwin at the time thought it was all part of a prank, so he yells out in the kitchen: "I found out your trick! You can come out of your hiding spots!"

No response.

This started to creep Darwin out, so he wandered aimlessly around the kitchen until he stepped on something. Darwin looks down and sees a small, crumpled brochure. Darwin looks in wonder. "Whats this doing here?" He says as he picks the brochure up. Inside, there was a faint, red stain. 4 stains. Each looking different. Darwin drops the brochure, his eyes widen.

"It can't be." He says in a whisper. "T-there's no way..."

Darwin didn't want to think it was true, but it was a high chance.

His family was murdered.

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