• Dinky is sleeping.

Richard: (Wearing guns.) Oh Dinky!

Dinky: *Yawns.* What......

Richard: Wakey wakey! Time for you to go to schooooooollllll!

Dinky: But I don't go to school....

Richard: Now you do! (Rips Dinky's hand of with a sword on his wrist.)

Dinky: *Bleeps with half of his head apart.*

  • After School*

Sullvan: Hey Dinky! How was school?

Dinky: *With his hand stitched.* Dont ask...

Sullvan: Cool! You must of had fun.

Dinky: .............. (Leaves.)

  • His mother comes in.*

Mom : Sullvan, I think you should listen to your brother more.

Sullvan: Don't worry. He's fine.

  • In Gumballs room.*

Gumball: And then I SHOT Dr.Mimi in the boinglongs!

Darwin: And then a blimp popped! MAN! You should've been there! It was finflappingtastic!!!!

Dinky:.......OK.first of all how do you know how to use guns when your young?......

Darwin: Its complicated man. You will understand when your older.


Gumball: Don't worry! We still got 2 more about anderous,and preposes!

Dinky: :(.....

  • A view of the house is seen.*


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