a episode wich is Last Aprence Of Daisy The Donkey This Is Also A 2-part episode



  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Anais
  • Yob (Main Atangist)
  • Dasiy The Donkey


  • boY (Minor Atangist (Yob's minoins))
  • Nicoil
  • Richard


Part 1: Anais was watching Dasiy The Donkey but changes to chanel 493 Yob's TV Domaction he says that he'll cancel daisy the donkey for TV Domaction anais hears this and tells nicoil and richard but they had nothing to do with it it changes to gumball and darwin wiche areplaying doge or dare wich darwin dares gumball to doge a hard ball wich he doged but destroyed the doge or dare board. gumball screamed at darwin for piking that card swithes back to the tv yob says hes world domaction More Plot Soon

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