The Earring is an episode in Gumball.

The Earring



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Skylar goes on a rampage for her lost earring

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The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin knocking on the door to Skylar's house. Her mother, Rachel, answers the door and tells them that she has gone off to lunch with Nicholas. The boys promise to wait for her in her room, and Rachel tells them to not touch anything.

While waiting, Gumball spots Skylar's earring left on her desk, which she forgot to put back in. As a prank, Gumball decides to take the earring, against Darwin's will. They tell Rachel they have to leave and go back home just a minute before Skylar enters. She had noticed her earring was missing and had come back to get it. When she finds it missing, she tears apart the entire house before going to search in the town.

Meanwhile, Gumball and Darwin are busy watching TV when a news report comes on and explains that a yellow cat in destroying Elmore to find an earring. Gumball, now frightened, goes to his friend Carly for advice. Carly tells them to just face the consequences and give Skylar back the earring. They finally agree to do so, but it doesn' go quite as planned.

Soon, Skylar chases them to the streets, and attacks Gumball for her earring. Finally, after a hard battle throughout the town, Gumball gives in and lets go of the earring. Skylar smiles, puts in the earring, thanks them, and walks back home to help her mother with dinner. Thinking that Gumball and Darwin are responsible for the town's destruction, they chase them around Elmore, and Darwin asks Gumball to never play a prank on Skylar again while running, in which Gumball agrees.


  • Skylar shows girl roots in this episode.

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