The Election, Part 1




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Part One




Gumball Watterson decides to run for student body president of Elmore Junior High.

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The Election, Part 2


Gumball runs for Student Body President.


Gumball and Darwin were walking into school one day, where they saw a mob of people crowding a wall in the hallway. The two then tore through the crowd to see what the fuss was about. They were all looking at a poster that says "We need a Student Body President. Wanna be that, then run today.". Gumball then knew this was a great opportunity for him. Gumball then told Darwin that he would run for President, and Darwin would be is vice-president. Darwin then laughed, as he coulodn't believe Gumball actually winning. Gumball then asked for Darwin's help to become President. Darwin immediatley said yes, and they went to class. Upon entering class, Gumball told Miss Simian that he's interested in running for president. Miss Simian then laughed in disbelief. Miss Simian had a hard time controlling her laughter, but was to force out a response telling Gumball to sit down. Gumball was suddenly angry at Miss Simian. At lunch, Darwin started to help Gumball run for president. Darwin then commanded Gumball to make campaign posters. 10 minutes later, he presented Darwin with his design. Darwin green lighted it, and he told him to follow him. Darwin then led Gumball to the teacher's lounge. Gumball then asked what they were doing here. Darwin then told him his plan to use the copying machine. But there were teacher's in there and they couldn't get in. So Darwin then ran down the hall to the fire alarm. He then pulled it. Instantly, the loud alarm spread around the school. Everyone was panicking and running around like mad men. The teachers also ran out terrified. So when the halls were cleared, Darwin sneaked in, and placed Gumball's poster on the copying machine. Within a minute, Darwin had 50 copies of Gumball's poster. And they quickly hung them up around the school, and reported outside. 5 minutes later they went back inside. Everyone was noticing the campaign posters recently hung up. They were amazed, as they weren't there when they ran out. They thought someone purposely pulled the alarm to hang them up, but dropped it. After school, Darwin took Gumball home for the next part of the campaign. To Be Continued

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