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Continuation of The Election.

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This is part 3 of "The Election".


Gumball was shocked upon hearing about the third candidate. Gumball couldn't understand why his brother was doing this. But he suddenly remembered what he said yesterday. However, he knows a lot of Darwin's campaign advice. Gumball then set up a wager with Darwin, stating may the best man win. Gumball then sat down in his seat, where he found a copy of the school newspaper, Elmore Jr. High Today. It was a copy of today's news, and the front page read "D. Watterson Roaring The Vote". Gumball then tore that page out of the paper, and stuffed it in his pocket. This started to envy Gumball as the day went on. No matter how much he tried to flush out his anger, it kept on coming back with posters, buttons, T-Shirts, and many other things. At lunch, he tried to talk Darwin out of running, but he told Gumball that he'll only be at "working class". Gumball then tried to trick Darwin into him being vice-president. But Darwin knew better than that. Gumball stormed away. As days turned into weeks, Darwin has rocking the vote. At debates, he turned it into a show, making promises that will please the students. Whenever Gumball tried to sabotage Darwin with lethal rumors, Darwin quickly disproved them. And the negative rumors Darwin tells the press about Gumball, they somehow believe them. Now, it was the day of the final debate before the vote. The auditorium became silent. Miss Simian sat down to administer the debate.

Miss Simian: The first question is for Gumball. If elected, what would be the first thing you would do?

Gumball: If elected, I will stop the aliens that are about to invade Earth.

(The audience laugh in disbelief)

Gumball: No I'm serious. I think I hear a message from them right now.

(in a nasal voice)Gumball: Please elect Gumball. Or else we will blow up Earth.

(The audience laugh even louder in disbelief.)

Miss Simian: QUIET!

(The audience stop laughing in dead silence.)

Miss Simian: The next question is for Darwin. How do you feel about the cafeteria food?

Darwin: Well the better question is, how do YOU feel about the cafeteria food?

(The audience applaudes.)


(The audience stops applauding in dead silence.)

Darwin: But in all seriousness, the cafeteria food SUCKS!

(The audience applaudes.)

Darwin: Now Congress recognizes cafeteria pizza as a VEGETABLE! REALLY?!?

(The audience applaudes even louder.)

Darwin: And if elected, I WILL make food what IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!

(The audience is now giving uproars and chanting Darwin's name.)

Darwin: Thank you! And good NIGHT!

(Darwin gives a bow and runs offstage.)

To Be Continued

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