The Election



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Conclusion of The Election.

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This is the final part of "The Election".


With the debate now over with, Gumball was now screwed. He knew that he couldn't win at this point. A lot of times now leading to the election, he considered dropping out of the race. But something within him told him to keep going. It was now election day, and Gumball just knew how things were going to be. He saw his friends throughout the day going on to vote. And Gumball just knew who they had in mind. Anger began to overwhelm Gumball, but he tried so hard not to exert it. At lunch, Gumball sat with Bobert, as they were the two losers. Gumball asked Bobert what it was like to lose so badly. Bobert told him that it didn't feel good. As the day came to a close, the ballot was being counted up. All 3 candidates weren't tense, they knew the outcome one way or another.Then, at the conclusion of the afternoon announcements. This message came in:

Intercom: We have finished counting up the votes. We were surprised by how extraordinary the vote was compared to what people were expecting. Any way, the next president of Elmore Junior High School is Gumball Watterson. Our friend here won 90% of the vote. Thanks and I hope that our school has a bright future.

Everyone in here was shocked. Well, only Gumball was shocked. For somehow, he couldn't understand. Gumball asked the confident Darwin why he won. Darwin told Gumball everything. Darwin never really ran for president, he just did a fake campaign so that he could teach Gumball about power and responsibility. Gumball then hugged his friend, and made Darwin vice-president of Elmore Junior High.

The End

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