The Elements is an season 4 episode.


Radar turns elmore into an paradise and Gumball,Darwin,Anias,Fireball,and Aguilera have to stop him.


The gang sees a statue of an villain while they are in the park. Wow! Gumball said. I wonder what will happen if we say that word. Darwin said. Lets do it! Firebal said. Ummmm I dont think we should. Cmon, Anias! Ok. It says Raayyyddd.....RAADDD... RRUUAYYYDDAAAWWWWWERRRRREEEERRREERRERE.... RADAR YOU DUMM- uhhhh (shows a flashback of, The Swearing.) You idiot..... <:D *Squee*. OKKKKK...... so yeah....  lets go..... The gang leaves and the statue cracks a little. 

Wow! that was amazing! Gumball said. Yeah! Fireball said. Hey! what are those screaming sounds? Darwin said. They look out the window and see Aguilera Anna Garven fighting someone. IS THAT... SULLVAN?!!! And they take a closer look and see Sullvan sleeping in his doghouse. Hey guys check out the fight! he says. But.. if your here.. then whos.... uh oh...... Fireball said. Well that's is NOT a clone.... Gumball said. Radar sees the four wattersons.

Why hello my frends! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Radar. You have relesed me by my prison! he said. Fireball then says, Cool...sooo...can you stop attacking our town? Look i'm gonna say this once but in sign launguage. (Punches Darwin hardly) No.... Radar said. DARWIN! everyone said. You monster....... YEAH! What are you gonna do. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Ok... you asked for this.... guys.... GET THE ELEMENTS!  Then Gumball,Fireball,Anias, and Aguilera got the elemets of coolness, smartness, sunshine, and funnyness. Then, they start shoting laszers at him. HAHAHAHA! WOAH! Huh? Whats this? Radar sees them shoting lazers and he says, No! .... with his face zoomed in to him. Then, Gumball makes a huge rainbow and it lands on Radar. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Radar says. Then, he is frozen by non-meltable ice. Then, the world is  back to normal, the gang cheers, Darwin wakes up and everyone hugs him,and frozen Radar falls.

Gumball,Anias,and Darwin then go to museum and see a picture of all of them with Frozen Radar.


First appearence of Radar.

This episode is possibly a parody of that My little Pony episode.

8th crossover after The Oven,The Oven Alternive Ending,Another Alternive Ending,The Amazing World of Gumball Short:Sullvan likes, and Gumball,mov.

200th time Felix Dog dosen't appear.

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