The Elmore Junior High concert

It starts with everyone at school in Miss Simian' s class when the intercom makes a beeping noise and Principal Brown' s voice is heard:

Principal Brown: Attention, everyone ! I am glad to announce that this year we are going to have... A CONCERT!

The children cheer exitedly

Principal Brown: Those who would like to take part in it, please report to the stage immediately

Everyone rush to the stage and climb on

Principal Brown explains to them that he is going to play a song and they all have to listen carefully and remember the lyrics , Gumball, Darwin, Fireball, Frodo and Skylar are all obviously exited

PB starts to play the music of the openingsong, and when it finishes, he asks for everyone to memorise the lyrics. He then plays the song again, now with everyone singing, and when that's done, he announces the following students's names:

Girls: Boys:

Skylar Gumball

Alexis Darwin

Penny Fireball

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