The End of Elmore.....Beyond



The End of Elmore: What Happens Next (Gumball2 Version)



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The End of Elmore: GAME OVER, Return of Emily (Part 5 of 5)

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The End of Elmore.....Beyond (Into the Mind of Gumball2)(Part 2)


As we concluded the cliffhanger end to "The End of Elmore", we saw Mayor Vanderwick release the infamous Emily Cartridge from prision. It suddenly went black. For a long while, it was an absolute mystery in terms of what happened afterwards, what Vanderwick's plan was, and what Emily had in store for our heroes. WikiStarter created a wiki devoted to "The End of Elmore" where he promised the story would continue. But we still don't know. But now I, Gumball2 will continue the nerve-wracking tale according to me. And I'm sure others will follow in my footsteps.


As the evil duo walked from the desolate prison, Vanderwick took out his cell phone. He started calling the mysterious figure that is the boss.

"Yes, we've got her." Vanderwick said.

The boss then spoke to Vanderwick, however his voice was almost inaudible. Vanderwick hung up, and walked with Emily to a black car. The two got in and drove towards an unknown adress.



Gumball was alone in Miss Simian's classroom. Gumball couldn't help but to look outside, and look at the growing horror of tolitarianism within Elmore. However, this sight no matter how long he looked, couldn't get less meloncholy, less dark, nor less horrifying. As Gumball turned from the window, he sat on his former desk. To take his eye off the horrors, he looked at his old algebra textbook.

Gumball studied the textbook for several hours, and suddenly found a keene understanding of the subject. He walked towards the door, and quickly noticed it was locked. Now with improved self-confidence he looked around the room, but couldn't find an escape.

In one of the desks, he found another textbook on physics. Gumball once again, sat down and read the textbook cover to cover.

6:32 A.M.

Although it was morning and the sun was up, it felt like a hurricane outside. The death, suffering, and hardship of the nature, the sun wasn't out for long. It first grew cloudy, then rainy, then.......a terrible lightning storm begun. Gumball had just finished the textbook on physics, and once again looked around the room. Gumball quickly approached Miss Simian's desk, and with one budge, oepned it. Inside Gumball found rather......suiting things for Miss Simian's personality. Gumball then found a stick of dynamite, and threw it at the door. The door immediately exploded. Gumball proceeded.


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