The End of It
Length Six Parts
Creator WikiStarter
Summary Part Five of The Letter From Emily.
Previous Part Stace Stuffings and the Trap Door
Next Part Gumball Watterson, Found
Date of Creation September 3, 2011


It was hard to sneak past many of the police officers. Everyone already thought of me as a suspect, and every classroom I went in there was a poster with my picture on, and under that were the words "Wanted: Stace Stuffings for the kidnapping of Gumball Watterson and Penny Peanut. Reward: $5,000." The poster haunted me wherever I went. I decided I had to catch Emily before more posters and searchers arrived. After half an hour of searching, I reached the second floor of the school. Principal Brown's door was open. I peeked in, and I saw a massacre. Principle Brown was lying unconscious, a shovel next to him. I knew Emily was behind this. I attempted to wake him-up, but he remained silent. His fur I then noticed, was covered in dry blood. I had the most horrible feeling that he had died, but he began to breathe, and I sighed a sigh of relief. As he attempted to stand-up he noticed me, and I helped him get up. He asked me what I was doing here, and I explained everything. He took a bit of time to process this, but he made-up his mind and decided he'd have to tell the police about Emily. I was told to go back outside, trying to reassure me that the police officers would solve everything. I knew it was a lie. Solve this? They hadn't even came close to mentioning her, let alone notice her. They would solve this? I ignored Principal Brown and ventured into the hallway. I saw Mr. Small's office, and peaked inside. Luckily, no one was in there, but a giant hole was blown into the wall. I opened the door quietly, and I looked inside. I noticed a piece of Gumball's pants. They had to be in here. I wondered how big the jump was, so I put my hand inside. I'd have to crawl through it. It was tough, but I crawled into the hole and spotted an exit. I looked through it, and I saw what looked like an abandoned school room. I saw no one. Then a noise popped up, and I looked to the left. Emily was standing right next to me.