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Continuation of The Event, Part 3.

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This is part 4 of "The Event. (CAUTION: The events potrayed in this episode is an acoount of what I THINK. These may NOT have actually happened on the real show.)


The following morning, during the breakfast, Cobby started feeling not so well.

Cobby: (patchy) Mommy! Mommy! I don't feel well.

Allison: Stop eating so fast. Mabye your little stomach is full.

Then he fell down of the chair and started screaming in agony.

Allison: (scared) Oh no! I think he's got another pexotisic attack! We must hurry to the hospital!

Nicole: OK! Everyone in the car!

Gumball: No Mom, I'll stay home. I must take care of Darwin.

Nicole: But who will watch you?

Martha: I do. First, 'cause I don't like hospitals and second, I kinda like this guy.

Allison: But we're going to spend all the day! Ah, nevemind. We must go there before to die...

At the hospital, a bunch of doctors immediately rushed into the room where Cobby was staying to stabilize him. Over the next several, Allison and Barney sat on the bench in the room, being witnesses to Cobby's stabilization.

Back at Wattersons' house, Martha planned to do a surprise for Gumball.

Martha: Do you like cookies?

Gumball: Of course I do! I love them, especially with cheese and chocolate.

Martha: OK, just stay in your room!

Over the next 20 minutes, Gumball sat on his bed in his room, thinking at what Martha was prepairing for him.

Until finally, Martha asked Gumball to come in the kitchen. When he came in there, she was full of chocolate and cheese and she had a tray full of cookies in her arms. Gumball couldn't have seen something more adorable and precious.

Gumball: Oh my gosh... You and your cookies... You are so adorable and precious...

Martha: Really? Not many people can say that a 5 years old girl full of melted chocolate, cheese and burned cookies looks nice, bu thanks anyway.

Gumball rushed up to his room to see if Darwin was still fine. And luckily, he was alive, awake, and healthy. However there was algae forming around the bowl, so Gumball cleaned it with a rag. And just then, Martha walked into his room carrying the tray.

Gumball: What are you doing?

Martha: (grabs Darwin from his fish bowl) Do you have a fish? Lemme see.

But when she touched Darwin, the little fish fell out of her hand on the floor and bounced until downstairs. They ran there and noticed that his body started swelling up and Gumball goes into denial and runs up crying to his room.

Martha: Look, I'm sorry!

At the hospital, after running sime tests, the doctor points out that Cobby is allergic to lactoze which caused his attack.