The Event, Part 5


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Part Five


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Continuation of The Event, Part Four.

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This is part 5 of "The Event".

(CAUTION: The events potrayed in this episode is an account of what I THINK happened. These may NOT have actually happened on the real show.)


That night before going to bed, Martha prayed for Gumball to keep Darwin, somehow and some way. But before he went to bed, Cobby returned home. He had finished taking his medication for his disease. Nicole then went over with some tools to install a cabinet for supplies. She then placed the medication in the cabinet and went off to bed. Martha finished her prayer and went to bed. Darwin then intepreted the prayer, and realized he needed to do something. So he used a piece of kelp to make a catapult. He then placed a pebble on the catapult and the pebble went flying. The pebble smashed the side of the cabinet which woke up Gumball. Sleep depraved, Gumball couldn't notice the damage to the cabinet and went back to bed. This shocked Darwin for a moment and then commenced his plan. He used other pieces of kelp and tied them together to make a long rope. He then made a loop at the end of this rope, bit onto the other and with all his might flung the rope forward. The loop then got through and grasped the canister of Cobby's allergy medication. The loop was apparentley on the cap so he twisted the rope and cap opened. He then loosened the grip of the rope and placed it inside the canister. There, he grabbed one pill, got it back to him, and he then swallowed the pill. He then felt something funny. His throat was tingling. And before long he was able to speak. He then took the rope and flung it again into the cabinet. But he didn't realize that he actually got medication to help Richard's arthritis in his arms and legs. He brought it back over here and swallowed the arthritis pill. He felt something funny again. But this time it was in his sides and bottom. Arms then sprouted from his sides, then legs, and before long he became a walking fish. He flung the rope one more time, and it grabbed Gumball's inhaler as Gumball had asthma at the time. The inhaler fell down and went down into Darwin's mouth. He was suffocating in the inhaler until he accidentley swallowed it. The inhaler somehow got lodged in his gills which then acted as lungs. So now that he can breathe air he stepped outside his fish bowl. Darwin has now never felt more alive. However he then stepped on a sharp end of wood that was from the cabinet. He realized he needed something to protect his feet. To Be Continued