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Gumball and Darwin go with Nicole to work.

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The Factory is a The Amazing World of Gumball fanfiction.


It is "Take your Child to Work Day", and Nicole takes Gumball and Darwin to work with her at the Rainbow Factory (Anais wants no part of it, so she stays home). Skylar is there with her dad as well.

While exploring against their mother's will, Gumball and Darwin accidentally cause the whole world to go in jeopardy after they break a very important item in the factory. Soon, it is up to only Gumball and Nicole to save the world.


The Watterson kids are all crowding around the TV for breakfast while Nicole is upstairs changing for work. As the kids watch TV, the news reporter explains that it is "Take Your Child to Work Day" in Elmore. Gumball and Darwin are excited by this, since it's a Wednesday and they can miss school, while Anais decides to stay with Richard, whom is busy trying to figure out if milk goes in the bowl first or the cereal. Nicole comes downstairs and explains the rules to the boys in the car.

These instructions go on for the entire car ride until they finally arrive at the Rainbow Factory. They walk in and spot Skylar Peterson, who is busy helping her dad Nicholas make the color red. Gumball walks over to her, and Skylar teases him, saying his cheeks are the same color as the one she is working on. Nicole leads the boys to her office, and the boys are bored by helping her file papers.

Later, Gumball asks if he and Darwin can go to the bathroom. Nicole finally agrees to let them go, but only if they just go to the bathroom and nothing more. instead, the boys sneak into the place where the color yellow, which is the hardest color to make, is being made. Gumball accidentally causes a pipe to go haywire and make a black hole, because where there's a rainbow, there's rain.

Nicole realizes that the boys have been gone a while, and goes out to investigate. She realizes what the boys have done, and tells them that the only way to stop it is to throw a complete rainbow into the black hole. The three work on it, and Darwin is sucked in in the process. Nicole and Gumball throw the rainbow in the hole, and all is restored. Nichole is given a promotion, and she and the boys return home.


  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Anais
  • Richard (cameo)
  • Nicole
  • Skylar
  • Nicholas
  • Rainbow Factory Workers
  • Masami

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