The Field Trip (Part 3)



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This is another continuation of "The Field Trip".


Things still went wrong at the diner. Teri says she can't eat the chcolate chip pancakes because she's lactose intolerant. Miss Simian yells at her, tosses her an epipen and forces her to eat it. Carrie says she can't eat the food at all because she has no body. Miss Simian once again yells at her, gives her a jar with a funnel in it and forces her to eat it. Banana Joe says he has to use the bathroom. Miss Simian yells at him as nothing else could make breakfast longer. It turns out that breakfast took forever. They payed the bill and they left. But it turns out the bus won't start. It turns out that their transmission needs repair. But now, their was a repair shop right next to the diner. It took the mechanic a half hour to get the bus started again. However the repair costs a lot more than the money they paid when they turned in the permission slips. Miss Simian asks if anyone has any money or anything valuable. However, no one has any money, but they all have cell phones. The cellphones are supposed to be used to contact their parents but Miss Simian didn't care. They went off to sell them at a nearby pawn shop and they got about $6000. However they were $500 short. They only money they had left was for the trip which meantone person won't be coming. But Miss Simian the $500, and decided to exclude Gumball. Gumball and the gang then got mad about this. So they decided to open a lemonade stand to make the $500. They didn't make anything, until a ery generous man walks by and gives them the $500 they need. They then get on the bus and get to Six Flags. At the entrance, the employees say the park isn't open for another hour and a half. They then wait until it finally opens. Miss Simian gives them the money and get in the park. They then stop at the fountain. Miss Simian then talks to them briefly about the "buddy system" of how at no time will one person be off on their own. They agree and everyone gets paired up. To Be Continued.


These are the groups.

  1. Gumball, Darwin, Anais
  2. Miss Simian, Rocky
  3. Banana Joe, Alan, Carmen
  4. Carrie, Tobias, Masami
  5. Teri, Jamie, Clayton, Bobert
  6. Penny, Molly, Leslie
  7. Ocho, Hector, Sussie, Juke
  8. Tina Rex, William, Anton, Idaho