The Field Trip (Part 9)



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This is the ninth part of "The Field Trip".


Anais is still suspicious about Darwin's "helpful" absence. A few times she had tried to make Gumball confess about where Darwin; but Gumball just kept on telling the same lie. But this didn't make Anais stop wondering. But then Anais came up with a plan that was sure to make Gumball cough up the truth. They had reached the Kingda Ka which was too scary even for Gumball to ride. She then acted like she was going on it and would take Gumball on the ride. She dragged Gumball through the line and asked him everytime to tell her where Darwin is. Gumball slowly got nervous as they slowly approached the front of the line. But when they reached the front of the line they realized the ride just broke down, Gumball then sighs in relief. But it was only a minor problem and they fixed it quickly, Gumball grew nervous again. They were just about to get on whey he finally told her what happened. Everyone in line gasped about how awful the situation is, how many rules were broken by that, and how much trouble they would be with the law. The three ran from the line. Once they were out of the line, Anais forced him to go back in there to get Darwin. They approached the fence they jumped over and Gumball went in. When he was almost at the steel door, Gumball saw smoke coming out of the door. He then knew that something wasn't right. He opened the door, and a cloud of smoke bursted from the doorway, and in the heavy smoke he could see flames due to his insanely good vision. He grabbed a chunk of wood to blow the smoke from his eyes and used his arm to cover his mouth. He marched in there, and he kept walking until he tripped over something. When he got back up, he used the wood to blow away the smoke. He then found out it was Darwin, unconscious on the floor. He then lifted him onto his shoulder and ran out of the door and sealed it shut. He then rested his body on the ground, and put his ear to Darwin's chest. He felt no heartbeat, he then started crying loudly. Meanwhile outside, Penny and Anais noticed that Gumball as been in there for a while so they jump the fence to see what's going on. They then found Gumball crying besides Darwin. They then walked over to Gumball to see why he's sad. Gumball then tells him that Darwin is dead. The two they start crying as well. To Be Continued