Soundwave (at the hotel sleeping until a horn wakes him up): What the hell?! (sees Gumball's bus & growls)

Rocky: We'll be staying tonight. 

Miss Simian: That's not possible! The $500 is 1 night only!

(Rocky keeps going but soon they all fall asleep)

(As they sleep the bus is being pushed by Soundwave)

Soundwave (grunting): Wake me up, will ya?! (pushes the bus off the bridge) Good ridiance. (goes to the tire station) Wait a minute, I don't have wheels! (goes back to the hotel to go to sleep)

(Next morning, he eats breakfast)

Soundwave: I don't know what this is. (Wheeljack appears)

Wheeljack: Hey, Soundwave!

Soundwave: Hi, Wheeljack! 

Everyone: SOUNDWAVE!!!!!!!

Soundwave: Uh Oh!

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