The Fire




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Part One


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A fire consumes Elmore and burns down everyone's houses.

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The Fire (Part 2)


After Gumball's, Penny's, Dan's, and Stace's house all burn down, the four families are forced to go to a small homeless shelter for two weeks.


Gumball: I can't believe that just happened.

Dan: We lost everything.

Darwin, Stace, and Penny: I agree.

-Everyone has glum looks as they walk towards the homeless shelter. After wild fires broke-out in Delmore two weeks ago, the fires spread to Elmore, burning just about every house in Gumball's neighborhood (except for Mr. Robinson's house). All four families go into the homeless shelter.-

Stace: This place is just like I read about: it's depressing and crowded.

-The four families settle in a cramped space right next to the wall of right side of the building.-

Nicole: It's very important we stay together. We have to face these hard times as a team. I just can't believe we all lost our houses. Everything we have . . . all gone.

Dan: Things could have been worse.

-Stcae, Gumball, Darwin, Penny, and Dan all sit together, talking, while Anais and Penny's sister stays with the grown-ups.- Gumball: So . . . what do we all do now?

Dan: I would have interviewed everyone to report on the conditions of the citizens brought by the wild fires - but I don't have my notebook.

-Everyone sighes. Stace brings-out a blackened, tarnished book out of her pocket.-

Stace: This is the last book I still have. -sniff-

-Everyone continues talking until a man in a yellow suit comes to greet them-

Shelter Leader: Hello, kiddos. I'm the leader of this homeless shelter. Now, you kids have to get food from the stage. Everyone gets food here. I will be reporting any news from outside the shelter whever it is given to me.

Stace and Dan: And your name is . . . ?

Shelter Leader: Mr. Harold W. Wash.

Dan: I think I'll just call you Wash.

Shelter Leader: -chuckles- Well, that's that. Now excuse me, I gotta talk to the parents.

-As Wash goes to meet the kids' parents, the group goes to the food line, which streches as long as the building, some people even waiting outside for food.-

Gumball: We have to wait OUTSIDE?!?

-Everyone groans-

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