A continuation of The Fire (Part 2). There is a suprise guest!


Three trucks arrive on the outskirts of Glenmore. Tents have been set-up everywhere and Gumball, Dan, Drwin, and Nicole are taken outside.

Firefighter: This is where you will be staying until we hve controlled the fire.

Nicole: Well, it'll have to do.

Richard and Anais find the rest of the fmily and reunite, while Dan's parents are still nowhere to be seen.

Richard: I'm hungry! Those people eat like wild savages out there!

Everyone gives Richard an annoyed look. Gumball takes-out a 3DS and begins playing with it unhappily. Suddenly two more trucks arrive and even more peole come crowding into the scene. Suddenly Gumball sees a familiar face.

Gumball: Tyler!

Tyler: Gumball? What happened? How did this fires start?

Nicole: Well we don't know. The firefighters haven't given us any explanation. And where's your mother, Tyler?

Tyler: Oh, well, she, um . . . is working as a volunteer firefighter.

Gumball: Really?

Tyler: Yep. I salvaged a few things from my house, though.

Tyler takes-out his backpack and brins-out his PS3, three extra large packets of dried food, seven bottles of water, and a radio.

Nicole: Wow Tyler, you come prepared.

Tyler: I have to Mrs. Watterson. You never know what could happen.

Tyler turns on the radio to the news station.

News Reporter: Hello, misplaced citizens of the Elmore and Delmore area. We are just now learning todythat the fire started at the Delmore Police Station. Police and firefighters say a lamp was put in contact with a piece of cloth material. No one spotted the fire until it was too late. Currently all 329 inmates of the Delmore Police Station are in a heavily guarded area, and perhaps - police say - it was a certain arsonist that caused this fire that quickly spread to Elmore and caused 300 to be removed from their homes. More on this fire will be reported tommorow.

Tyler turns-off the radio.

Dan: Well, I gues it's time for me to write my newspaper story - if it ever comes-out.

Dan enters the tent.

Tyler: I think I'm turning in for the dy too.

Everyone enters the tent as firefighters leave in the same trucks tht brought refugees to Glenmore.


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