This i an deleted scene of The Fire.


Sullvan sees Tyler with the gang so he attacks him.


Gumball: Ok guys. I'm back. Sorry i'm late.

Darwin: Why are you burt?

Gumball: I had noticed that SOMEBODY didn't come with us to the shelter.

Darwin: What a pinhead!

Gumball: Yeah.

Nicole: Cmon. I'll make you a shower.

Darwin: But really. You ARE a pinhead.

Sullvan: (With a pinhead's face.) Who you callin pinhead?

(Sullvan is about to wack Darwin with a club.)

Tyler: What are you-

Sullvan: HUMAN!


Darwin: DUDE! QUIT IT!

Sullvan: Grrrrrrrr.....

Tyler: Thanks. Ugh!


Gumball barley appears in this scene.

Sullvan's best moment.

Sullvan's Who you callin pinhead face is a refrence to Patrick's face.

When Sullvan says,"Who you callin pinhead?", He has the same voice as Patrick.

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