This is a Bit from my Cancelled Fan Fiction The Fire Tower heres a Bit of it


Fireball: Okay Aguilera go into the Elevator with the Girls

Aguilera: Arent You Goin too?

Fireball: No Gumball Darwin and Me will find out way down

Aguilera: Fireball, You Should STOP! Caring About me! and try save your own life For Pete's sake

Fireball: I Know Aguilera But you have the Chance to Survive! Right now Dont Lose it

Aguilera: Okay

Then Aguilera goes into the Glass Elevator with the Other Girls

And Then it Goes down

Down down down... and Down

Aguilera: Well, Anyone can a Good song?

Then some Explosions Occurs where the Elevator


Then a Window falls off the Elevator

Penny is just about to fall out of The Elevator but then she Gives her Sister That she is holding. to Aguilera

Penny: Here Take My Sister!!

Then Penny falls Out of the Elevator

Aguilera: PENNY! NO!!!

Penny's Mother: My Daughter!!

Penny's Sister: Sis?

Then Some More Explosions Occurs

Aguilera: Everybody Back up!!!!

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