The Fortune is a fanon episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. In this episode, Gumball gets a fortune cookie and has a good fortune


  • Gumball
  • Darwin

Minor Characters

  • Nicole
  • Richard
  • Anais
  • Anton


~Gumball's family is eating at their local Chinese restraunt. After two hours of gulping the food down, each one member of the family recieves one fortune cookie. Gumball, eager to get a good fortune, rips-open his fortune cookie.~

Gumball: I'll bet I got a good one!

~Everyone laughs.~

Gumball: Hey, I will. Why are you guys acting like jerks?

Anias: Because you've never actually gotten a good fortune cookie.

Gumball: Tisk tisk. I bet this one will be the best fortune I've ever gotten!

Darwin: Yeah, it will be your "luckiest" fortune ever. ~laughs~

~Gumball pulls-out the paper in the cookie.~

Gumball: ~reading aloud~ "You will get 50 dollars by tommorow." ALRIGHT! I got a good fortune!

Nicole: Don't get carried-away Gumball, it's only a paper inside a cookie.

~The family goes home where Gumball eagerly awaits his chance to get a free 50 bucks. However, even after waiting until 5:00, he still didn't receive his 50 bucks. Gumball gets angry anf forces himself to sleep. After waking-up, he accidentally slips on a skate board. That skate board slid out the window, flew into Mr. Robinson's house, and crashed into Mr. Robinson, who coincedentally had 50 bucks in his hands. The 50 bucks landed on the skateboard, which flew out of another window. Again, there was a trampeline under that window, so the skateboard and the money jumped onto the roof, where the skate-board carried the money and flew off the oof, where it landed on a passing vehicle. The vehicle was traveling so fast, the skateboard and the money slid-off on the front yard of Gumball's house. However, the money landed on a hidden ouse trap, making the 50 bucks fly up into Gumball's room since the window there was open. The money landed in Gumball's pocket as he was leaving for school. On the afternoon, he noticed the money there, and realized that the fortune had finally occured.~

Gumball: And that the day that I got a good fortune.

~Richard, Anton, and (insert creative name here) laugh at Gumball.~

Gumball: What's so funny?

Richard: The fact that you made your story-up. ~Shows Gumball the reason why Gumball's story is false.~

Gumball: I hate fortunes.

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