The Friend part 2





Three Parts

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The Friend


When Robert and Gumball start spending even MORE! Time together, Darwin becames deeply Deppresed.


(Part 2 begins with Robert and Gumball sitting in the School bus which is driving them home while talking with each other)

(Darwin is spying on Robert and Gumball)

Robert: So Gumball what do you do in your sparetime?

Gumball: Meh..Not really much

Gumball:But I think i'm gonna have alot to do, now what you're my friend!

Gumball: Cuz I never really had a Friend like you!

Darwin's Thoughts: WHAT!?!, what does he mean by that!? I'm his friend!

Gumball: But Robert how's your family?

Robert: You know,

Robert: A Regular family a Mom and a Dad and me!

Gumball: Don't you have any siblings?

Robert: No..Not yet

Gumball: What do you mean by that?

Robert: I Don't know!

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