The Game, Part 1




Part No.

Part One


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Gumball becomes hooked on a new video game, and Darwin needs to get rid of his addiction.

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After Gumball and Darwin buy a new game for their system, Gumball gets obsessed with the game and starts getting his mind rotten because of the game. Darwin and Anais try to help him get out of his obsession with the game. Will they succeed? Or will they fail?


Gumball: FINALLY!

~Holds-up video game!~

Darwin: Oh man! I've been waiting FOREVER to play this game! Put the game on!

~Gumball inserts game into console~

Gumball: Prepare to be amazed!

~Mortal Kombat-like game flashes on the screen, making Gumball and Darwin stare at the screen in awe as they start mashing buttons~

Darwin: This game is AWESOME!!!!

Gumball: I know, right?

~Darwin and Gumball play the game for hours. Night approaches~

Darwin: Well, it's getting late. We should go to sleep now.

~Gumball ignores Darwin, too obsessed with the game~

Darwin: Uh, Gumball?

~Gumball ignores Darwin~

Darwin: Gumball, uh . . . shouldn't we be going to sleep?

Gumball: Less sleep, more game!

~Gumball presses face against the screen~

Darwin: Uh . . . . OK. You'll go back to sleep later, right?

~Gumball nods~

Darwin: OK!

~Darwin walks happily up the stairs~

Gumball: More game, less sleep.

~The night drags-on as Gumball starts rotting his brain~

End of Part One


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