Gumball gets hooked on a new game, and it's up to Darwin and Anais to end his gaming addiction and save his brain.


~ Its been two weeks now and Gumball has yet to quit playing the game. ~

Nicole: Gumball, stop playing that game already! I wanna watch my show!

~ Nicole tries to turn-off the system but a mysterious force pushes her into the kitchen, injuring her badly. ~

Anais: What the heck was that?

~ Anais goes downstairs but Darwin blocks her path. ~

Darwin: Don't go down there! That game has a mysterious force that's possessing Gumball!

Anais: And?

Darwin: Look what it did to mom!

~ Darwin points to Nicole, now unconsious. ~

Anais: Oh, this is bad.

~ Both turn their heads at Gumball, and as soon as they do, a mysterious force attacks Darwin, and both run up the stairs as fast as they can out of fear. ~

Anais: OK, how the heck do we stop this?

Darwin: Hmm . . . I heard of a store near +Mart called "Magical Elements Museum." Maybe they will help us!

Anais: OK then, let's go!

~ In Gumball's mind. ~

Gumball: Ow! OW! This game -ow!- is controlling me -owwww!- how do I stop it?

Mysterious voice: You cannot stop your own doom Watterson! Prepare to be terminated.

~ The Mysterious voice sends a pixilated sword through Gumball's stomach, nearly killing him. ~

Gumball: I . . . gotta . . . stop . . . this . . .

~ Gumball's eyes closes and he is now lying on the floor dying as the Mysterious voice gives-out a maniacal laugh. ~


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