Gumball and Bobert fight for Penny.


At Bus Stop

Penny: Hi Gumball.

Bobert: *Pushes Gumball backward* Hi Penny.

Gumball: Hey!

Bobert: Sorry.

Gumball: Grrr!

Penny: You ok, Gumball?

Gumball: Yeah. I'm all right.

Penny: That's good to hear.

Gumball: Here is the bus.

At School Hallway

Bobert: So Penny, What are going to do tomorrow?

Penny: Not sure yet.

Gumball: What are you doing?

Bobert: Trying to get Penny as my girlfriend.

Gumball: What?!

Penny: Uh... Guys I'm right here.

Gumball: Will you chose me or Bobert?

Penny: Uh..

Gumball: Come on.

  • Bell rings*

Penny: I got to go.*Walks away*

Gumball: I want Penny to be my girlfriend!

Bobert: Too bad!

Gumball: Grrr!

Bobert: We got to get to class.

Gumball: Fine.

At The Cafeteria

Bobert: Hi Penny.

Penny: Hi.

Gumball: That's it! * Goes with them*

Penny: Hi Gumball.

Gumball: Hi Penny.

Bobert: So... Penny, Will you be my girlfriend?

Gumball: Hey! I going to ask that!

Penny: Are you guys fighting over me?

Gumball: Yes.

Penny: Please don't fight.

Gumball: Too late for that!

Penny: Uh.. Guys?

At outside

Gumball: I want to date Penny!

Bobert: Me too!

Gumball: We see about that!

At School Hallway

Gumball: Okay. Who you chose me or Bobert?

Penny: Uh...

Bobert: Well?

Penny: I don't know.

Gumball: What you do mean?

Penny: Then, Why are you too fight me?

Gumball: Because we want to see who you dating.

Penny: No. Because you too scaring me.

Gumball: What?! I mean, Oh.

Penny: I'm going to class.

Gumball: Bye Penny.

Bobert: What she said?

Gumball: She won't date us beacuse we scaring her.

Bobert: Let's head back to class.

Gumball: Ok.

The End


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