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Gumball, Darwin, and Stace's grades are switched and they try to fix it.

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After accidently switching grades with Darwin, Gumball tries to figure out how to switch the grades back.


Gumball, Darwin, and Stace are working on their papers. Miss Simian then yells for the class to turn in yesterday's papers in. While Gumball, Darwin, and Stace get yesterday's papers, they mix-up their backpack and Stace recieves Gumball's paper, Darwin recieves Stace's paper, and Gumball recieves Darwin's paper. They turn the wrong papers in before they can realize what they've done. At lunch, Miss Simian passes the paper's back, and Gumball, Darwin and Stace get their grades. And their shocked to find out that the grades aren't theirs. All three scream in shock from learning the truth. That afternoon, all three go home and have dreams: Gumball dreams that he will terrifingly become an adult Darwin, and Darwin dreams that he will become an adult Stace, whearas Stace dreams he will become an adult Gumball. The day after, all three of them decide to tell Miss Simian about the misjudged grades, but as usual, she doesn't believe them. So, forced to put matters into their own hands, all three of them come-up with a plan to steal the keys to the grade tracking room. They enter Principal Brown's office and grab the keys. Just then, Principal Brown comes in and asks what they're doing. Stace replys that they were just checking to see if the room was empty. After a few tense moments, Principal Brown lets them go. Gumball and Darwin tell Stace to protect the door to the Grade Tracking Room while they search for their grades. After 15 minutes of searching, they find their right grades, and put them in the right place. They erase all evidence of what they did, and the next day they enter Miss SImian's class as she hands them their "real" grades. And they find-out that their grades were switched. The End.


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Stace and the Grade Tracking Room.
  • This episode is based-off a comment on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki.