Elmore is infected by Mabel. SEE PART 2


9:00 AM

Nicole, Fine, you can stay up.

All except parents: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:00 AM

Mabel: You sabotaged me first!

Gumball: No, YOU sabotaged ME first!

Mabel throws some green stuff onto Gumball, but he escapes before it hits him

Mabel: NOO!

2:30 AM (or in their case, 1:90 AM, because they extended an hour just to stay up longer)

Monty: Tyson, move! That's your arch-nemisis, Mabel!

Tyson: Tyson knows Mabel bad guy!

Fireball: Yeah, he doesn't have very -

Mabel throws some more of the green stuff(It's called "Slavery") onto Fireball

All except Fireball and Richard: Oh no!

Richard wakes up

Richard: Huh? Why are we all gathered up around Fireball?

Mercury: Fireball is growing immature...

Tyson: Tyson knows!

Mabel: I, uhh, have a meeting at the Robinson residence!

All except Fireball: OK.

Darwin: Oh man, how is he?

Anais: You know how Mabel threw green stuff on Fireball?

Gumball: Yeah...

Anais: Well, it's slavery. It slices your memory of being on the good side and replacing it with evil.

All except Anais and Fireball: OH NO!

Nicole: Aw, man... he's waking up!

Fireball wakes up and walks toward Richard

Richard wakes up to a bad dream and... You know! Noticed the new Fireball!

Richard: Oh, hi, Fireball. What's going on?

Fireball: Dude... that's for people who aren't evil.

Richard: EVIL? You know, I had this nightmare where you literally turned evil.

Anais: That dream REALLY HAPPENED! Did Mabel just pop up in that nightmare?

Richard: Yeah...

Anais: Well, it notifies you that one of your friends/family have BEEN ENSLAVED!

Silence for a minute


Fireball: I don't care about SMALL bunnies, I care about BIG bunnies!

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