Gumball and Darwin battle Bobert to win Penny back.


Episode Starts at Elmore Junior High

Gumball: What should we do?

Darwin: Ask Penny.

Gumball: Yeah.(Scene cuts to the lockers) so... Do you want to come to my date after school?

Penny: Sorry, Gumball, someone aldeady ask me out on a date.

Gumball: (disapointed) Okay.

Penny:Okay then, See you torrorrow!

Gumball: I think it's Bobert.

Darwin: Yep.

Gumball:I Got The Bucket Suit Let's Go!

Darwin: Wait! You going to defeat him?

Gumball: Yes.

Darwin: Well, a new video called "Doing Sex" is on!

(He hides out the school and plays it on his IPhone)

(Scene cut to Darwin at his locker)

Gumball: Hi Darwin, That failed. Let's fight him


Gumball: To The Serect Hideout !

(Gumball and Darwin tried to fly, but they had no flying powers)

Darwin: Let's try to walk


To Be Conutried................

Deleted Scenes

This is all the deleted scene from the photos

Scene Part 1

Gumball and Darwin: Please tell us!

Penny: It all started on thursday.

Gumball: Today is friday.

(Flashback starts)

Gumball: Today going to be awsome!

Darwin: Yeah! I heared someone talking to Penny.

Gumball: Let's Hear.

Penny: I think you cute.

Gumball: What the...?!

Penny: Friday at 8:00 p.m.

Bobert: Okay.

Penny: Bye.

Gumball: I can't belive it was Bobert.

Darwin: That's it?

Gumball: Yeah.

(Flasback ends)

Penny: Any questions?

Gumball: How did you know?! I saw you!

Darwin: Thanks for the story.

Scene Part 2

Gumball: Okay. I going to find him. You stay here.

Darwin: Mabye I can talk to Masami.

Gumball: There you here! Why did you steal my love?!

Bobert: You're jealous, Gumball.

Gumball: I'm am not jealous! You can't just take my girlfriend and ask her for a date! Then, What the Hell are you!

Bobert: I didn't ask you.

Gumball: Two choices, Call her off or let me fight you!

Bobert: I choose two.

Gumball: Fine. Give me you best shot!*Gets punched* Ow!

Bobert: You happy?

Gumball: Let's have a fight tonight!

Bobert: Accpeted.

Gumball: Okay.


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