At The Serect Hide Out

Gumball: Okay Help it's Right Way Any Questions? I Guess not.

Darwin: Let's Go.

At The Libraby

(Gumball and Darwin find the libray to find him)

Gumball: Hello?

Darwin: Split up He Could Be Anywhere.

Gumball: Plus Keep it down! He's gonna hear you.

(Gumball and Darwin look everywhere to find him)

Gumball: Mabye He's here.

Darwin: Okay.(Comes Up) All right come out Whatever You Here!

Gumball: He's Behind you.

Darwin: Yep. Run!

(Two of them find out the door is locked)

Gumball: No! The Door is Locked!

Darwin: I got the key.

Gumball: Let's get out of here!

At The House

Anais: What you doing here?

Gumball: Look, We find someone in the libray.Then, Bobert come and tried to kill us!

Nicole: Well you had to fight someone.

Anais: If you too getting ready, I Going to find him.

Gumball and Darwin: No!

At Outside

Anais: hello? You better not scared me! Hello?

(Someone Comes Behind Anais)

Anais: Come on show up! it's is you!

At The House Again

Gumball and Darwin: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Richard: Well it's look like you boys had to fight him.

Both: Okay

Nicole: Defeat someone and Get Anais or You're in big troblue!

Gumball: Let's go!

At Outside Again

Gumball: Where Anais?

Darwin: She's right there.

Anais: Gumball, Defeat Bobert and get me out of here!

Gumball: Where's he's at?

Darwin: Here He it's!

Bobert: Hi.

Gumball: Okay. You free Anais, I go fight him.

Darwin: Okay.

Anais: Help!

Darwin: I'm here!

Anais: What you doing?

Darwin: Gumball said, I have to free you while Gumball fights him.

Anais: Okay.

Gumball: Hey Bobert, Let's Fight!

Bobert: Agree.

Gumball: Fine *Punches* Ow.

Bobert: Now it's my turn.

Gumball: Run away!

Darwin: There.

Anais: I'm free!

Darwin: Here's the plan!

Bobert: Where Gumball?

Gumball: Somebody please help me!

Darwin: Hold on, I'll save y----*Gets punched*

Gumball: Wait! Something not right.

Bobert: Found him!

Gumball: All right then, Give me your best shot! *gets hit by Bobert* Ow! If that all you got?

Bobert: There's the only one can be.

Gumball: I'm going die.

Darwin: I free her.

Gumball: Okay. There nothing I could stop him!

Darwin: I got the water hose in my head.

Gumball: Yes!

(Gumball got the metal stick, But it's Slipped off)

Bobert: What the hell you doing!

Gumball: Nothing.

Darwin: Were out of Ideas!

Gumball: Okay!

Darwin: Take the water hose!

Gumball: Okay.*Catches The Water Hose* But I doomed.

Darwin: Yep.

Bobert: It's too late for that.

(Gumball turn on the Water Hose)

Gumball: Please don't kill me!

Darwin: It's working ,But move or you get struck!

Gumball: Okay!

Nicole: Quick hide.

(Everyone Hides and an Explosive hits)

Everyone: Gumball!

Darwin: Thanks for turn on The Water Hose.

Gumball: Well thanks. Look he's return back to normal size.

Darwin: We win. Call Penny off and get out of here!

Bobert: Fine.

Richard: I'm gonna Hit Him!

Gumball: No!

Anais: This robot trapped me.So... We're going to kick him out.

Darwin: Wait! You're can't do that!

Anais: Gumball and Darwin, It a evil robot.

Darwin: Yeah, but still!

Gumball: Look, Me and Darwin are friends and we can help him.

Anais: Okay.But he'd won't do any damange.

Gumball: So now on, he's calm down.

(Scene Cuts to Gumball and Darwin watching Bobert destory the town)

Gumball: Look like We Need Some Help and second, Mabye we should kick him out.

Richard: Here we go again.

Darwin: Get Him!

(The Team find him and the story ends)

Deleted Scenes

This is all deleted scenes from the photos

Deleted Scene Part 1

Darwin: He'd right there.

Gumball: Hey, I wonding we're are looking for---

Bobert: What?

Gumball: You.

Darwin: We're dead.

Gumball: I got a idea!

Darwin: What is it?

Gumball: Let's throw something.

Darwin: Okay.

Gumball: Hmmm.... There it is!*picks a book and throw it at him*

Darwin: Oh no.

Gumball: How did you like that?

Bobert: No.

Gumball: What?

Bobert: Okay. Let's see you get beaten down.

Darwin: Bad idea.

Gumball: Just hide or run.

Darwin: Let's choose Run Away!

Gumball: Yep.

Part 2

Gumball: What should we do?

Darwin: Quiet. Or, We're dead.

Gumball: Hey I heard that!

Darwin: Wait. I heard someone.

Gumball: It's that way.

Darwin: Okay.

(They walk to the left to see who talking)

Gumball: Okay. We're here.

Darwin: And there Anais.

Gumball: You get her. I go fight him.

Darwin: Okay.

Gumball: But, he's hiding.

(While Darwin free her, Gumball see him behind him.)

Gumball: Wait, Are You....

(But before Gumball finsh his question, He got shooted.)

Gumball: I know you! You that person that stole Penny! And you trying to kill me?!

Bobert: Yes.

Gumball: Okay. Let's see you can lose!

Darwin: Wait. This cause injury.

Gumball: Yeah.Yeah. Okay, let's get this fight started!

Darwin: But, Gumball....

(But before Darwin finsh his anwser, Gumball comptetely ingroing him and start fighting.)

Darwin: Okay. Just free her.

Gumball: I don't fight anyone.

(Before Gumball thinks, he got punched and got kicked.)

Gumball: Okay. Just fight him.

(He tried, But he got punched.)

Gumball: Darn it!

Darwin: I know! He got the virus. The only way to restore him is to reboot him.

Gumball: Yes!


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