The Institution, Part 2


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Continuation of The Institution, Part 1.

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This is part 2 of "The Institution".


Darwin then woke up in a cell, it was both dark and scary. He then heard some whispers and that was the last thing he remembered. When he woke up again, it was it. And across the room he saw a figure that looked exactly like him, Darwin thought he was seeing things. But it was true, it was yet another him. And the figure across the room thought he was seeing things as well. Darwin then looked left and saw some more of him, and more of him on the right. All of them thought they were one of a kind, and yet never seen another copy of them. They then heard a beeping noise, and all the cell doors opened automatically. The two men in black ordered them to head to the auditorium. Once all of them sat down, the two men in black reached the podium and revealed them selves. And two other men came out as well. The four introduced themselves to "welcome" them to this institution. They are apart of a government organization called "The Fish Friends" who researhes new species of fish. This new species is the first and only species to breathe on land AND water. All then fish here were normal at first, but naturally grew human abilities. Darwin was astounded that he didn't need to do all that stuff from The Event (Part 5). They then said that they will have to do "exhilirating" and "safe" experiments. And their time here will be "amazing". But the four men were complete frauds, they're just a bunch of animal abusers. They don't plan to research them, they plan to kill them. They then dismissed the fish back to their cells. Back at the cells, all the fish introduced themselves and got to know each other. There were a total of 40 fish. And all of them have "Arwin" in their name. The one thing that distincts their name is the beginning letters of the name. There was:

  • Arwin 27) Charwin
  • Barwin 28) Llarwin
  • Carwin 29) Maharwin
  • Darwin 30) Alarwin
  • Earwin 31) Doarwin
  • Farwin 32) Wilarwin
  • Garwin 33) Rrawin
  • Harwin 34) Ioarwin
  • Iarwin 35) Zacarwin
  • Jarwin 36) Niarwin
  • Karwin 37) Viarwin
  • Larwin 38) Brawin
  • Marwin 39) Trawin
  • Narwin 40) Ararwin
  • Oarwin
  • Parwin
  • Qarwin
  • Rarwin
  • Sarwin
  • Tarwin
  • Uarwin
  • Varwin
  • Warwin
  • Xarwin
  • Yarwin
  • Zarwin
 To Be Continued