The Institution, Part 3


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Continuation of The Institution, Part 2.

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This is part 3 of "The Institution".


Back in Elmore, things weren't doing well. Although Gumball believed that Darwin will return one day, the other Wattersons assume that Darwin is dead. Gumball keeps persuading Richard and Nicole to set out to find him, but they wouldn't let him. They thought Gumball would only be wasting time searching. People around Elmore have been sending gifts to the Wattersons to ease the pain, but Gumball refused to endulge himself. He will not rest until Darwin is found alive. So that night, he ran away to find Darwin. He left a note on his bed, saying:

"Dear Wattersons,

I'm going away for a while. I can't take it anymore with you assuming Darwin is dead. Well Darwin is alive, and that's what I believe. I will not stand by while you endulge yourselves with your gruesome assumption. You call yourselves parents, because you make me sick. See you soon.

- Gumball"

Nicole discovered it the next morning, while everyone else was sleeping. So she woke up everyone and told them to get into the car immediatley. Richard and Anais were wondering why they were leaving. Nicole woudn't explain until they got in the car. Meanwhile back at the institution, Darwin and the 39 others were all cramped into one cell. Life there was absolutley miserable. Food was served once a day on a troft. And every morning, the 40 fish would brawl for food. Some even got injured in the process. For example, Harwin dislocated his shoulder while fighting for food yesterday. He thought the four men would come give him assitance, but they never came. That was when they realized what war can do to one. So they went over, relocated Harwin's shoulder, and got along. And today, one of the men made Darwin drink their blood. At first, Darwin didn't want to, but the man had him at gunpoint. Later on, Darwin puked in the troft. And the next day, the men served food without cleaning the troft. The men then announced that they will have their experiment tomorrow. The fellow fish were terrified. To Be Continued.