This is part 4 of "The Institution".


That night, Gumball was running into the forest along the city limit of Elmore. He then headed deep into the forest, but it wasn't very difficult to navigate. When he exited the forest, he arrived at an open field, and in the middle is an abandoned train station. Gumball then waited for an hour, until finally a train was passing by. Gumball then started running along the tracks as the train came by. he let most of the train pass until an open box car came by. Gumball quickly hopped on, closed the door, and went to sleep for the night. Meanwhile at the instituiton, all the fish were awake, uncertain of their fate. They mainly talked about how they missed their families, but no one couldn't have been more sad than Darwin. He then decided he was going to get out and go back home. But none of them could break out at this time of night. Especially with all the perils they could get into. So they developed a plan for tomorrow. The next morning, there was no breakfast. The four men woke the fish up at 8 am, and immediatley sent them out of the cell. They were sent to a room. In there were benches lined up in two rows with an aisle in the middle. And in the front was a table and some needles. All the fish filed in the benches. They were all scared of the needles because they knew it wasn't good. There were 40 needles filled with green liquid, 1 needle per fish. All the fish knew from experience that the green liquid is poisonous. One man got to the podium, one was watching the fish, and the other two were in an observation room. The man on the podium said that all the fish would go up one by one to get injected with this liquid. They didn't say what it did, but the fish knew. The men will bring the fish up in no particular order. He then chose Darwin first. The man then walked Darwin up and he took a seat at the table. The other man went back to the benches. The man at the podium took a needle from the pile and slowly began to place it over Darwin's arm. The other fish was staring at the front just waiting to do something. Just then, the other fish started running up the aisle. The man at the benches tried to stop them, but was easily outnumbered. The fish then started beating him until they dispanded. The fellow man was dead. To Be Continued.