The Institution, Part 5


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Part Five




Conclusion of The Institution.

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This is the conclusion of "The Institution".


The flush of life was charging towards the observation room where the two men were "taking in data". The man administering the lethal injections tried to stop them from assaulting the other two men. But half the crowd noticed it and were able to seize the needle. They held the man down as one of them was giving him the injection. And he was poisoned from the shot. They then tried to penetrate the bullet-proof glass window. But their scrawny arms weren't enough. They then grabbed the two human lives they claimed and flung them at the window, it shattered. They then rushed in and attacked the two. Darwin then grabbed a handgun from the wall and pointed it at the two men. He then demanded their freedom or he'll shoot. One of them proudly refused to let them go. And Darwin pulled the trigger on that man and he was dead. He then pointed it at the other man and asked him. This man also wanted dignity. So he also said no. Darwin then once again pulled the trigger and he was dead. He then led the crowd to the exit of the building. Upon exit, Darwin allowed the fish to go back home. All the fish then ran in different directions to go home. He waited until all the others left for him to go. Darwin then walked out of the barren area and into the woods. The path was rigid and treacherous. He walked for hours but couldn't find civilization anywhere. But then, he noticed something. He was now in an open field, where he noticed a figure resting on a tree stump. He then ran towards it. And noticed it was Gumball sleeping on that stump. Not wanting to disturb him, Darwin lifted Gumball up and carried him up. He then approached an open road and a sign too. The sign read "Now Entering Elmore". He then carried him through town, until they arrived at the Watterson's house. He then walked in, it was the middle of the night. So he quietly walked upstairs and placed Gumball in bed. Darwin then stepped into his fish bowl and went to sleep. The End